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  • Cadaver Organ Sanman - 4th June 2016
  • Awards Distribution Ceremony 2016
  • Nephrology Alumni Meet - 5th February 2017
  • Awards Distribution Ceremony 2016
  • Awards Distribution Ceremony 2016
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  • Awards Distribution Ceremony 2016
  • Rakat Tula Program - 28th August 2016
  • Pratyaropan Gaurav Utsav – 19th June, 2017
  • Nephrology Alumni Meet - 5th February 2017


Preoperative evaluation clinic

It runs daily in the afternoon between 2.30 to 4.00 room no. 20.This clinic evaluates & determines the optimal medical preparation of outpatients & inpatients undergoing anaesthesia especially medically complex patients.

Most of investigative & diagnostic procedures are performed on outpatient basis thus reducing the duration of hospitalization.

All anaesthesia residents rotate through this service in one week blocks & one faculty member provides an extensive educational experience to them.

Postanaesthesia Care Unit

Patients undergoing outpatient surgical procedures are admitted in this unit till they recover completely & are discharged from the hospital.

Patients undergoing major to supramajor surgical procedures are closely watched & monitored before they return to the wards.

It is equipped with bed-side monitors & PCA pump.It incorporates facilities & expertise to relieve acute postoperative pain not only by intravenous drugs but also by regional blocks & patient-controlled analgesia.

Critical Care Unit

It was established in 1993 with a view to provide high quality care to critically ill patients with potentially recoverable disease process. Initially it had five beds but it was expanded to ten beds in 2003 considering the need of the various departments.

Patients admitted to this unit are managed by multidisciplinary approach in consultation with nephrologists, urologists, obstetricians & anaesthesiologists with administrative control under the department of anaesthesiology.

It has state of art equipments like ventilators, multiparameter monitors with central station, infusion pumps, spirometer, nebuliser , blood gas analyzer & dialysis machine.

Round the clock services of resident doctor & nursing staff plus part-time services of well trained physiotherapist is available to provide total care to these patients with survival rates comparable to other CCU managing patients with multiorgan involvement.

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