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The main philosophy behind the establishment of this institute has been to bring the modern medical care to patients with limited or no financial resources. By and large, we have been successful in implementing this philosophy that we prescribe.

Physical premises available at present are not adequate considering the increase in volume of clinical work. When we planned the institute, we thought that we were building an institute that would be much larger than our needs. However, now we have found out that we need even more space.

We are planning to extend the present educational facilities to other specialties like Ph. D. in Transplantation Immunology, technical course for dialysis technology and laboratory medicine. We are also planning to develop liver transplantation. Our needs in near Future

1. Resources: To establish and sustain a hi-tech state of art medical care is a very expensive proposition. Although we are receiving donations from philanthropists and committed individuals, its regularity and volume is often found inadequate to take the burden of high cost of modern medical care. So, financial support for latest equipments and research projects is our priority.

2. Manpower: We have a committed team of professionals who share the cause of the institute. It has been our most important asset in striving towards our goal. But as we grow, our needs for more and more skilled technical manpower also are increasing.

The famous quote of Robert Kennedy will be appropriate here as the closing remark: “Many people think of impossible things and say why, I think of the impossible things and say why not!”

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