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  • Inaugration of Dialysis  center at unjha on28thaug
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  • Awards Distribution Ceremony 2016

Services Area

Stem cell therapy provided to

  • Kidney transplant patients for immunosuppression minimization
  • Insulin-secreting cells (ISC) for treating Diabetes mellitus
  • Neuronal stem cells for paraplegia and neuronal/ neuro-muscular disorders
  • Cardiomyocytes for dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Stem cell therapy for native kidney diseases
  • Stem cell therapy for autoimmune diseases/ disorders
  • Stem cell therapy for miscellaneous conditions not amenable to conventional therapy

CTRI Registration

  • REF201702013341: Tolerance in Allogenic living-related renal transplantation: Comparison of pre-transplantation donor specific leucocyte infusion vs. stem cell transplantation (Public Title of Study)
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