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Department of Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Department of Organ Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care was established in the year 2006 to provide perioperative care to patients undergoing solid organ transplantation. In the year 2007 Dr. Veena Shah and Dr. Guruprasad Bhosale underwent training in Liver transplant anaesthesia and critical care at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. After obtaining training, the first liver transplant was performed in May, 2008 in a case of cryptogenic liver cirrhosis. In the year 2011, Dr. Manisha Modi and Dr. Guruprasad Bhosale underwent a fellowship in Living Donor Liver transplantation at Asan Medical Centre, Seoul, South Korea. Since then, the institute has carried out more than 250 liver transplantations, majority from deceased donors.

Four dedicated transplant operation theaters are equipped with modern anaesthesia workstations, Advanced haemodynamic monitors for monitoring various parameters like continuous cardiac output, Stroke volume variation, Systemic vascular resistance and mixed venous oxygen saturation, Patient warming system, Blood and fluid warmer, Rapid infusion system, Thromboelastogram for point of care monitoring of coagulation and series of infusion pumps for precise delivery of drugs. All central venous cannulations are done under ultrasound guidance to increase the safety of the procedure.

The department also looks after critical care unit of 20 beds which includes exclusive post liver and post kidney transplant ICUs. Critical care unit has a state of art facility for mechanical ventilation and multichannel haemodynamic monitoring for each bed, in house facility of dialysis, SLED, CRRT, blood gas analysis and non invasive ventilators. Every year, more than 850 patients are admitted in the Critical care unit out of which more than 400 patients require ventilatory support. The department also performs fiberoptic bronchoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

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